ISO ClaimSearch Terms of Use
  1. Access must be necessary to:
    1. Detect or prevent criminal activity, fraud, material misrepresentation, or material nondisclosure in connection with insurance transaction; and
    2. Perform my company's function in connection with an insurance, or other ISO ClaimSearch authorized transaction involving the individual or property about which I am seeking information.
  2. Any unauthorized access to the ISO ClaimSearch system or disclosure of any information obtained through this system may result in legal action against me. This includes information governed by GLBA, DPPA, HIPAA, the NAIC Model Act where applicable, any other applicable law or regulation.

  3. For Law Enforcement Users only - access is for the purpose of investigating vehicle theft and insurance related crime or for developing background information on individuals who have been identified as a person of interest with regard to homeland security activity. I affirm that my inquiry is for that specific propose.