ISO ClaimSearch Support

For Insurance Users:

If you are a subscriber and need to find out who your company Administrator is, e-mail us at to get this necessary information for your account.

If your company is not yet using Self Administration, and you need to request user authorization, please complete the Access Authorization Form.

If your company does not subscribe to ISO ClaimSearch, you can get more information by e-mailing us at:

For Law Enforcement Users:

To request user authorization and for all other questions, please contact the NICB by calling 1-800-447-6282, or by e-mail at:

For companies interested in information on the Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA), we have two participating organizations:

Follow the link to the CSLN website.

Follow the link to the OCSE website.

For all other questions regarding ISO ClaimSearch:

Please email ISO ClaimSearch Customer Support at: